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Now let's talk about you.

Why Hey.Sheree? On any given day, it isn't uncommon for me to hear, "Hey, Sheree, (insert help request here)," which often triggers a certain IOS voice assistant if a device is nearby. I thought, why not make use of my skills to become a REAL virtual assistant that caters to small shop owners and creatives? A.I. is great and all, but what you'll get with me is so much better!...

...and then,
Hey.Sheree was born!

Oh Hey! I'm Sheree.

You need creative marketing for your creative small biz, but you don't wanna deal with all the technical stuff that comes with the territory.

You're constantly feeling like you can't keep up with your workload and still have a life (you just want a night to binge on Netflix dammit!).

You have big ideas for where you want to take your biz, but you're overwhelmed with trying to figure out how to make it happen. 

Let's get acquainted

forward-thinking mentality

Yes, I'll address the immediate request, but I'm also always thinking 5 steps forward to stay ahead of the game.

problem solving ability

If there's a complex challenge to conquer, I'm going to figure it out. I'm an expert googler (Is that a word? It is now!), and I thrive on getting sh*t done. My friends and family don't call me "The Fixer" for nothing!

moral support

I've lived the small business life, so I totally understand the frustrations & exhaustion from trying to juggle everything yourself. I'll not only be your sounding board, I'll be there to find new ways to ease the load.

genuine enthusiasm

I'm here to be your business bff! I want to see you succeed and will give 100% to help make it happen! 

Is this sounding familiar? 

I run on coffee, I will forever be in love with Paul Rudd, and I'm a firm believer that yes, pineapple does belong on pizza. (If you disagree, more pizza for me!) Also, I will never turn off the radio when Bohemian Rhapsody comes on until it is played to completion...if that means I'm a few minutes late, so be it.

I've lived the crazy balancing act of working for a small business for the past 9+ years. Project management, tech support, customer service, marketing - you name it, I've probably done it.

Having built a combo of creative & technical skills over this time, I spent years dreaming of becoming my own boss instead of having one. Cue the disaster movie that was 2020, and I realized it was time to start acting on that idea so I could have more control over when and where I work...


Sheree is an awesome af VA! From the very first Zoom call with Sheree, I could feel her genuineness and easy going-ness! She's a quick learner, she pays attention to detail, and she keeps me in order which is a big feat on its own! And she always does it with a smile!😀 Although I'd hate to lose her, if there is anyone thinking of hiring her you will not be disappointed!

- Elizabeth West - 


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