Pins Not Getting Impressions? 7 Possible Reasons Why. -

January 14, 2022

Pins Not Getting Impressions? 7 Possible Reasons Why.

Pins Not Getting Impressions? 7 Possible Reasons Why.

Wondering why your Pins are Not Getting Impressions on Pinterest?

Are you pouring all your time into creating pins on Pinterest, only to find out the pins are not getting any impressions?  It can be frustrating to feel like you’re wasting your efforts creating content that no one even sees. Here are 7 possible reasons your pins aren’t getting more views, and what to try for better results.


Pins not getting impressions


7 Possible Reasons Your Pins Are Not Getting Impressions:


1 – Your account is new

Pinterest is a long game and takes time for your content to get indexed. Keep in mind that this could take months to really gain momentum. Stay consistent with following current best practices, and your views should improve with time.


2 – You don’t have many followers, or your current followers aren’t engaging

Much like social media, the Pinterest algorithm looks at how your current followers engage with your content before pushing it out to more accounts. If you don’t have many followers or they’re not showing interest in your pins, it’s time to rethink your strategy. Make sure what you’re pinning provides a solution that your target audience is actually looking for.


3 – You haven’t optimized your keywords

Much like Google, your Pinterest ranking relies on keywords that help categorize your information and target specific searches. Make sure your content is properly optimized for searches related to your niche by…

  • Including the keywords in your pin text overlay, title, and description
  • Pinning to boards that are also optimized with the same relevant keywords
  • Frequently brushing up on your keyword research to make sure you’re in line with current search trends


4 – You’re pinning others’ content more than your own

Getting high monthly views, but not views on your created pins? Monthly views reflect the content spread across ALL your boards, including repins from other accounts. This skews your analytics, so be sure the majority of your pins are your own fresh content.

Pinterest used to be all about curating information that pinners would find helpful by repinning massive amounts of pins from other accounts. However, this started to result in a lot of the same content being recycled over and over again. Pinterest is now prioritizing accounts who frequently add new content to the feed, so it’s best to focus on CREATING more than CURATING so that your content gets more of the spotlight.


5 – You’re not following a consistent pin schedule

Impressions will ride like waves depending on the season and require constant activity in your feed. If you dump a lot of pins one week but ignore Pinterest the rest of the month (or heaven forbid, let your account sit inactive for months in a row!😱 ), you’re going to lose all the momentum you’ve built. Make it a goal to keep a consistent pin schedule you can stick to, even if it’s just a few pins per week.


6 – You’re not watching the trends or making idea pins

You have a much better chance of being seen if you follow the shifting seasonal trends and prioritize the newest platform tools.

This changes by the week, so be strategic in the type of content you’re creating. Pinterest offers real time reports of top trending topics HERE, or you can search other trends specific to your niche by typing different keywords into the search bar at the top of the trending page.

Additionally, Pinterest is quickly evolving to prioritize more video content, with a huge emphasis on idea pins and video pins. Much like Instagram’s introduction of reels, you’ll have much a faster success rate if you adapt to these changes and produce content using the platform tools Pinterest wants you to use. You may not like it, but it’s the way of the future, so you need to evolve with the platform. Think of it as a chance to jump ahead of the competition who is slower to adapt to new practices.


7 – You’re not using promoted pins

Pinterest is incredibly valuable for free organic marketing. However, Pinterest is gradually following the path of other marketing platforms by giving better results to accounts investing in paid ads. If you’re not using promoted pins yet, you might try adding one occasionally to see if that helps boost your visibility.


Don’t Panic if Your Pins Are Not Getting Impressions Yet.


A huge part of your Pinterest strategy should involve experimenting to see what works best. Or, you might find that a pin suddenly takes off weeks or months after you first pin it. Be patient and diligent about following Pinterest best practices, and you should start to see better results as time goes on. Remember, Pinterest is NOT social media, and you can’t expect the same immediate interactions you might experience on Instagram or Facebook.

If you’re still struggling to make Pinterest work for your biz after trying these suggestions, I’d love to help! I offer account audits and strategy sessions to help you fine tune your Pinterest game and start seeing more results. OR, I can just pick up your monthly Pinterest management and handle the dirty work for you! Take a peek at my package options ON THIS PAGE and fill out my client interest form HERE to discuss!


Pins Not Getting Impressions? 7 Possible Reasons Why.

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