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November 14, 2021

7 Tips to Beat Digital Marketing Overwhelm

7 Tips to Beat Digital Marketing Overwhelm

Let’s Talk Digital Marketing Overwhelm.

So you’ve decided to launch a business. What’s next? It probably won’t be too long before the new excitement wears off and the digital marketing overwhelm starts to creep in.

You know you need an online presence to be relevant in today’s business market. It feels like if you don’t hop on every marketing platform and social media trend right off the bat, you’re gonna be left in the dust with no chance of catching up.

And yet the overwhelm of it all keeps you from making any progress because you burn out before you can really get started.

Stop. Take a breath. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your business won’t be either. Consider this your permission to go at your own pace and conquer one step at a time.

Read on for some steps you can take to set goals for your progress and accomplish bite sized wins that will keep you moving forward.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race!

7 Tips for Avoiding Digital Marketing Overwhelm:

  1. Make a checklist of everything you hope to accomplish so you have a visual of what needs to be done.
  2. Determine how much time you have each week to devote to your marketing efforts and use that to set goals for each achievement.
  3. Define your mission, your ideal audience, and the problem you will solve for them. This will help you proceed with intention instead of playing the guessing game on what to post. (More on this in future blogs!)
  4. Master one platform at a time to make sure you can provide consistent value, then add complementary platforms as your comfort level increases. (I suggest focusing on 2-3 max that you can do really well)
  5. Find tools & systems that help you work more efficiently (click here to see some of my personal faves!)
  6. Batch create & repurpose content to save time and energy.
  7. Remember to be kind to yourself and take breaks when you feel depleted. (or better yet, reach out to me to help take some things off your plate!)

Remember, Your Online Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be So Exhausting.

Marketing your business isn’t always easy, but the key is to keep it manageable. If you take the time to set a strong strategy in place before you get too far, you’ll know exactly what steps you need to take next. And THAT will save your time, energy, and sanity – because you have more important things to focus on. (Like running your business!)


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