Pinterest Marketing in 2021 - 7 Tips for Success -

October 20, 2021

Pinterest Marketing in 2021 – 7 Tips for Success

Pinterest Marketing in 2021 – 7 Tips for Success

Pinterest Marketing in 2021 is a Whole New Ballgame.

If you’re a creative small business owner, Pinterest Marketing can be a game-changer for your biz. Whether you’re an artist, a maker, a small shop owner, or a creative service provider, Pinterest is an amazing way to increase your brand’s visibility to new audiences and boost more sales.

But the Pinterest of today is not what it used to be. Even hard-core experts are finding themselves relearning how to use this visual search platform as Pinterest continues to evolve over recent years.

Is YOUR Pinterest Marketing Strategy Up-to-Date?

You’ve taken a good step if you’ve started a Pinterest Business Account, but are you using current best practices to make the most of your pin power? Here are 7 surefire tips to ensure success.

Tip 1: Use Targeted Keywords

Just like Google, Pinterest relies on keywords and phrases to help categorize your content for search results. Research common search terms used by your target audience on a frequent basis to be sure you’re creating relevant content. (Bonus Tip: use Pinterest’s search bar to type in words related to your niche, and see what types of phrases pop up.)

Then, strategically place this terminology throughout your content:

    • On your profile page
    • In your board titles and descriptions
    • On your Pin designs
    • In your Pin titles & descriptions


It might take some trial & error, but you’ll get a good grasp of what’s working by monitoring your analytics to see which Pins get the most activity.

Tip 2: Create Fresh Content

Gone are the days of re-pinning loads of other Pinners’ content to your boards. Pinterest is now prioritizing new content to keep things from getting stale.

What does this mean for you? Focus on quality over quantity, and become a CREATOR rather than a CURATOR as much as possible. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to create loads of new pages or posts to link back to. A fresh Pin can be as simple as switching up the picture or background color, so you can design multiple designs for the same link.

This is also a great opportunity to use idea pins – Pinterest’s most recent introduction – to repurpose your Instagram reels, carousel posts, and videos. Just be sure to make them readable since most Pinners don’t like to use sound.

Tip 3: Inspire and Inform

Newsflash: Pinners don’t care about you. It’s all about them.

Unlike social media, where selfies & personal stories reign supreme, users go to Pinterest to find solutions to their problems and inspiration for new ideas.

Your pins shouldn’t look like self-promoting ads, but rather images, videos, how-to guides, and other formats that will help them visualize how your product or service will help them.

Tip 4: Keep it Pretty

Pinterest is a visual platform after all. Make sure your Pins are visually appealing with quality images and well designed graphics to catch your audience’s eye.

Graphic design not your thing? Fortunately there are plenty of free online tools to make Pin creation a breeze. Canva is my #1 choice for creating quick and easy designs for almost any skill level. Available in both free and paid versions, you can work with existing templates or have fun building your own with Canva’s extensive library of customizable content.

Tip 5: Stay on Brand

Variety is great, but your content should reflect your personal brand at all times. This is how you will become memorable to your target audience.

  • Use a cohesive aesthetic & color palette so that all of your pins are instantly recognizable.
  • Include your logo, brand name, or website on every pin.
  • Only post content related to your brand niche.
  • Use consistent branding & account handles across all of your marketing platforms.


By following these rules, you’ll create an identity that will be instantly recognizable in the sea of other Pins. Create a branded experience for your audience so they want to keep looking for you!

Tip 6: Pin Every Day

Consistency is key when it comes to Pinterest Marketing. You won’t see results if you have a Pin dump one day and forget it for the rest of the month. The Pinterest algorithm favors a steady drip of content – preferably 5-15 Pins daily (spread throughout the day) to really get traction.

If you find that too overwhelming, determine a reasonable schedule you can actually stick to. Even 1 fresh Pin a day and 1 idea Pin a week is better than burning yourself out with an unsustainable amount of work that you can’t keep up with.

Don’t forget to use scheduling tools to help keep your sanity. Take advantage of Pinterest’s native scheduling tool and apps like Tailwind to schedule your Pins in advance so you can set it and forget it.

Tip 7: Work With Me!

if you haven’t jumped on the Pinterest train yet or the thought of managing yet another marketing platform makes your head want to explode, let’s talk about how I can manage it for you. I’m talking Business Account Setup, Keyword Optimization, Pin Design, and Scheduling.

What are you waiting for – wouldn’t you love a marketing system that has long-term reach for years instead of the few days (or hours) you get with social media?

Click here to fill out my client interest form, and let’s start talking!

Successful Pinterest Marketing Takes Commitment.

But that doesn’t mean it needs to take all your time. By establishing a content plan up front and getting systems & schedules in place, you can set Pinterest to work for you in the background while focusing on other aspects of your biz. It’s all in the preparation!

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